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  Smiling is Fun! now with even more links! dar  
  Junklab the world's only all digital network server dar  
  Salvage Vanguard Theater austin's finest theatre troupe ever! tsp!  
  Patrick Curry.com tsp's closest ally -- a honorary pant, if you will (and you'd better!). one of the cleverist mack-daddies in this whole dang town! definately a force to be reckon'd with! tsp!  
  MacOS Rumors for the best mac hearsay news around! dar  
  MacInTouch if accuracy is what your after...
  BAGS Unlimited for keeping all them records archived properly!
  J-Track 3-D you gotta know what's orbiting around you...
  Sifl & Olly Cyberspace Station absolutely the funniest sock puppets you'll be lucky enough to ever come across. (long live Chester!) dar  
  Tenacious D they're gonna rock your freekin socks off!
  The ACME Novelty Library your source for everything Chris Ware
  Chank fonts were never so lucky tsp!  
  Yee Haw Industries custom letterpress company makes pretty art-like objects, then sells them on their website st  
  Don Black Linecasting Services speaking of letterpress, here's a place where you can learn all about it and even buy yourself a letterpress and get to work! dar  
  DOUG (Director Online User Group) you want free code? you want macromedia news? you want tutorials? they give it away free almost every day! st/fat  
  Voice Actor Page online database of voice actors and their work. searchable by actor, series, episode or character. st  
  Internet Movie Database ideal for settling bets with your friends. cross-references out the ears st/dar  

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