lookin for something to satisfy your inner typographer?
if its something clean or squiggly or silly or bully, we think you'll find something for all your inner children in this section. if not, check back later, we're always cookin up something new.

for your inner girl
you might just recognize some of these original creations from the deservedly super-popular Girlgames Inc and Simon & Schuster Interactive titles "Let's Talk About Me" and "Let's Talk About Me, Too" or perhaps you remember them from the even more dangerously hip phenom from Girlgames inc and Mattel engagingly called "Clueless: The CD-Rom"

a word of warning: these fonts contribute to what newsweek calls an "mtv-esque" and "edgy" look... but we think they're pretty good fonts anyway.

and we dont wanna forget our good pal Willie Nelson and the logo for his new record label, Luck Records, which was extended to a full alphabet called "Lucky Tool."

and for your inner experimenter
some of these fonts are geared for large display use and some are well-suited for copy-heavy page filling. some of these pretty letterforms originally created for various puposes:

a willie nelson CD cover and record label logo
enhanced CD typographical playtime
a dvd distributor's logotype,
top ten smash selling CD-rom fun,
old-fashioned print ads
hand-made china marker cards
brain surgery and more!

and for your inner philanthropist
FULL character sets with letters, numbers and special characters and thousands of carefully kerned pairs for all your written communication needs. there are some damn lovely character shapes in this mix. we work hard on these things because we care about YOU! really. like totally. seriously.

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